This was my second try at drag racing, this was a street and strip car.  A 48' Ford coupe

  with a full race 53 Ford motor with 4 carbs, hi-compression heads and 4" Merc crank.  This one was a

 little faster than the above roadster but it was about twice as heavy also.  Best speed 76.27, best E.T.

 was 17.22.  Raced at Oswego Dragway during the 1960 season.

During early 1961, I started getting serious about drag racing and built my first dragster.  This was made
 from 49-53 Ford driveshafts butt welded together and following plans from the Sept. & Oct.,
1959 issues of
 Rod Builder Magazine.

The above picture was taken during May of 1961 in front of my folks house.  My brother
 Bob is
sitting in the drivers seat.

First time to the track we ran with a Chrysler Hemi motor.  The car was
uncontrolable, and
the flathead engine was put in.

The above picture was taken at Oswego Dragstrip during August of 1961. The motor for this
was pulled out of the 48 Ford coupe.  254" CI., Isky cam, Vertex mag and 4 carbs.
 Thats me in the
dark shirt just behind the rollcage.